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About Advocacy

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Advocacy is when one person helps another person to have their views, opinions and concerns heard by others.

Advocacy is for people who can find it difficult to get their opinions about themselves and their service listened to.

This may be because they have not been listened to in the past or they do not feel confident to speak up and ask questions.

Advocacy supports people to think about options so that people can make their own choices about what they want.

Advocacy can make a difference to a person’s life by supporting the person to be involved in decisions about their life.

Working with an advocate can also help the person to become more confident.

Advocacy can help other services to understand what people want and need.

Everyone has a right to be treated as an individual and valued for who they are and not what they need, what they have or which group they belong to.

Because everyone should be able to influence their own lives, advocacy helps people to find information about options.

Everyone should be able to experience independence, so advocacy supports people to speak up about the way they live and what they want in the future.

We support people to make small and big decisions in their own lives and to speak to services who make those decisions because of a person’s health or disability.

Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and have equal opportunities in life. Advocacy supports these rights for everyone.

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